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associated with complex training.

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Safety in Deep Foundation Drilling /Anchored Earth - Micropile Installation Safety Films


The production and execution of these two safety films was challenging and ambitious.

Ultimately, if one life is saved and companies improve their safety training and awareness

we were effective.

  Absolutely more needs to be done in education, training  and awareness.

Investing in safety costs, not investing properly will cost more than money.

                                                                              Bill Hagstotz


{ Mission- Goals - Objectives - Outcome }

The purpose of these safety videos is to provide basic education; one where the viewer is learning the

 theory of working safely in either a drilled shaft or anchored earth or micropile installation environment.

This education is well suited for a new hire just beginning a career with an employer or for a seasoned veteran

 needing a refresher on the techniques for jobsite safety.

The employer can then use this education to further train employees to perform specific tasks safely

 under actual jobsite conditions.

 This training allows the employee to practice and refine the skill that they learned in either video. Produced for the ADSC-IAFD


These videos were produced in interesting manner. They were purposely filmed in reverse order.

 By that I mean instead of writing out specific scenarios and creating storyboards to shoot specific scenes,

 the scripts were written in their entirety and then approved by the ADSC Committee Task Force.

 Using the completed script as his blueprint, photographer and producer Bill Hagstotz

then traveled across the US and Canada visiting numerous jobsites

to film and photograph employees working safely at tasks specifically mentioned in the narration.

 Bill took thousands of photographs and hours of video which were skillfully edited

and formatted to align with the script content, and the pace of the narrator as he spoke.

 The beauty of this method is that it eliminated all but the most necessary staged shots to

 provide the viewer a much more realistic vision of actual tasks being performed – all in a safe manner.


I wish to express my gratitude to my fellow ADSC task force members and of course, to Bill Hagstotz,

the Photographer / Producer / Director, for their painstaking efforts to get these films produced.

Trust me, this task force’s input along with Bill Hagstotz’s skill, made the production

 of these videos seem like an effortless project, which was not so.

 Despite the trials and tribulations, I for one, am very proud of our final products.


I also wish to thank all the ADSC Contractor members who allowed their crews to be filmed

and the ADSC Associate members who supplied information and additional photographs.

The Vision of the ADSC-IAFD is to continue as the recognized world leader

in the research, development, education, and design of anchored earth retention, drilled shaft, micropiles,

and other complementary related construction, with safety and quality being held as their highest value.


 Most importantly, I want to thank the field employees who appear in these videos,

as they each showed us how to keep our industry safe, productive and generate high quality work, every day.

 I tip my hat to these hard-working professionals who make our industry great!

Rick Marshall

Director of Safety

ADSC: The International Association of Foundation Drilling

8445 Freeport Parkway Suite 325 | Irving, TX 75063 | Office: (469) 359-6000


Safety in Foundation Drilling

Narration by: Grant Goodeve







Anchor & Micropile Installation Safety Film

Narration by: Grant Goodeve





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